Field visits

Pre-Conference Tour:

Visit of the largest organic farm in Europe Global Seed Business System

Date: Sunday 5th September, 2021

Time: 10 -14 h

Located just 40 min from Novi Sad, the largest organic farm in Europe, Global Seed Business System cultivates more than 2,000 hectares of land in the organic production system, rears over 2,000 cattle, processes over 2,000 tons of fruits and vegetables and produces over 7 mil. lit. of organic milk per year.
Global Seed is the largest organic soybean producer. Moreover, in cooperation with other partners processed in the range of high quality organic dairy products under well-known brand “Bello organic”. The new brand “Bio Panon”, besides organic milk products, is produced fresh organic beef and chicken meat and organic eggs.

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Conference tour:

IFVC Field day visit

Date: Thursday 9th September, 2021
Time: 9 -12 h

The Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops traditionally organize the Field Days of corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet and sorghum in the first week of September. At that time, about 1,000 visitors from the governmental, academic and agriculture industry as well as farmers have the opportunity to see open-air laboratories. The fundamental and applied research programs are primarily centered on the development of field and vegetable crop. The breeding programs place emphasis on high yielding capacity, tolerance to major diseases and resistance to unfavorable biotic and non-biotic factors. In addition to the breeding of new cultivars, the Institute provides a complete production technology for each cultivar. In short, the Institute’s extension service provides farmers with superior seed and detailed recommendations for soil preparation, other cultivation practices and crop protection measures.
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