Organizing committee

Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad

Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops has a  team of more than 100 highly qualified and experienced researchers, 70 of which have a Ph.D. degree, assisted by over 300 specialists of various profiles, insuring the high quality of everything that the Institute offers: seed, technology, services, training and knowledge transfer. Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops is a state-run company operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development. Within that capacity, the Institute carries out government-sponsored national projects and takes part in various international projects. Extension work at the Institute implies frequent contact with farmers and the transfer of knowledge into practice on a daily basis.

Seed Association of Serbia

Seed Association of Serbia was established in 2001 and in 2002 has been accepted as a full member of the International Seed Federation (ISF), as well as full member of the European Seed Association (ESA) in 2006. The aim of Association is to have well organized, competitive and innovative seed sector of the Republic of Serbia.


Association Donau Soja

Donau Soja is an independent, international, nonprofit, multi stakeholder association based in Vienna in 2012. In May 2014, Donau Soja Regional Center was founded in Novi Sad (Serbia). Donau Soja promotes a more sustainable, economically viable and European protein supply and supports the production of European soybeans and other measures, including supporting more sustainable consumption, more efficient use of protein in animal feeding, and the production of other grain legumes in Europe.

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture has long tradition and is known throughout the world as higher education and scientific research institution whose activities cover all aspects of agricultural production and food technology: crop science, fruit science, animal science, soil management, phytomedicine, agricultural engineering, food technology and agricultural economics. Since its foundation in 1919 about 16.000 students have gained BS degree, 900 MS degree and 750 PhD degrees.